Our Story

Our Story

Exries started in July-August in 2017. From the beginning, we have always believed in creating accessories that is unique for every single individual. “Exries” came about from the combination of the words “Extraordinary” & “Accessories”.

We noticed that there were too many people with naked wrists which made them look plain & mundane.

Everyone should be unique, authentic & extraordinary. You could be wearing the exact same outfit as the person next to you but with a simple piece of accessory, you will stand out as different. We believe that everyone should have an identity & a style of their own.

After much experimenting, we came up with 3 different types of collection with each fitting to different personality types.We started from sourcing for different types of bracelets such as rope bracelets, magnetic clasp bracelet but we then figured that beaded bracelets is the true unique accessory as every single piece of bead/stone are crafted differently which brings us to the goal of being Extraordinary.

We also noticed that everyone was unique with different wrist sizes & we did not want a “one size” fit all as everyone was different. With that, we aim to create a “made to measure” accessory. Just like how a man NEEDS a custom suit, and how a lady needs a wedding dress that fits PERFECTLY. Everyone needs an accessory that is made JUST FOR THEM.

Started from completely nothing, we have sold more than 450 sets of bracelets in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia & United States, with more than 210 positive reviews solely on Carousell Singapore.

Each & every customer is and will always be important to us & we will always strive to create a better shopping experience for you.
Be unique, be EXTRAORDINARY.

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